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  • Hermannes van der Steen - Netherlands

    We bought these little radios to take on our annual cruise to keep in touch with our family on different parts of the ship. I was amazed how well these little PMRs worked. There are countless channels to choose from to ensure a secure channel. I was worried about the radios reception inside a big metal ship but they worked flawlessly. They were on almost 24 hours a day and the batteries lasted all week with constant daily usage. these are PERFECT for cruises, Vacations and any other time you need to have communication where cell phones do not work.

  • Danny L. Wilson - UK

    These worked great for the beach, and for our group road trip. They are very affordable and the battery seems to last a very long time. We tested them in an open field with a lot of trees and hills and they went about 6 miles, which is not bad in my opinion for the amount of interference. Other then that, they seem to work great for everything I needed them for.

  • Oliver Warren - Germany

    Great value purchase. They work well and range is a bit better than advertised.

  • Bill Strong - UK

    What I like:

    Maximum Range (About 13-14 km. It’s what i reached most)
    Camo color
    Small body is really practical
    The included headsets work well and really comfortable
    Everything you need is included to the package
    Waterresistant, ok to use in the rain
    Good price&quality performance
    5 Year Warranty (who does that)
    The rechargeable batteries last a long time and you can buy spare batteries...

  • Douglas Lejeune - France

    All manufacturers exaggerate the range of these little radios. I have used these to hear users from 16 kms away, but there were no obstructions between me and them. That's the best distance I've achieved so far.
    They have excellent channel security, either with just two of them or in a group. Hearing other users of the same channel can get very annoying. The numerous privacy choices prevent that almost 100%. Like other pmrs, in a city or any enclosed space the range relatively drops. The headset is really handy. Totally recommend these little guys!

  • Riley Heading - USA

    I absolutely highly recommend these i am beyond amazed by this product and quality. With these small devices, you can keep in touch where cell phone services dare not go. Awesome purchase!

  • Suzanne Daniels - USA

    These are the best pmr radios ever, my dad went around the entire block of my apartment complex and the signal never dropped .. would repurchase if anything :D

  • Steffen Sankt - Germany

    These work MUCH better than you would think.... went hunting with my uncles and cousin and this clearly went at least 8 miles. Worked much better than i expected.

8 artículo(s)

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